Last updating: 1/13/2009
RC4WA ver 2.6.16
VID4WA ver 2.6.4
RC4WA and video plug-in VID4WA are updated!   
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For developers:
 Delphi 6 Fix
Where is Proxies.pas?
A: Download here
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VID4WA installer for Windows Vista is updated.

RC4WA ver.2.6.16 supports one more tuner Zaapa PCI TV-FM.

Video-plugin VID4WA ver.2.7a began to work with DVD. While this version has lot disadvantages
which will be eliminated. To play DVD Video open the window "Open location" (Ctrl+L) in Winamp and enter dvd://

New Winamp ver.2.91 was released. It with added small improvements and corrected bugs.

Last version RC4WA supports one more tuner: TView model CPH06x (remote control AS-218). The plug-in gen_RC4WA.dll ver.2.5 is compatible with Apollo player.
In settings of Phone Watcher there is possible to select modem port from range COM1...6.
New Winamp ver.2.90 is released. The player allows to play video-files MPG, MPEG, M2V, AVI, ASF, WMV. However it could not play AVI packed by codec DivX - at attempt to open DivX clip the player did not react, and at closing Winamp was not unloaded from memory (tested under Win98 and W2K with codec DivX Pro 5.0.3). If you want to use VID4WA in further, move the file in_dshow.dll from folder Winamp\Plugins\.
I am glad to continuation of Winamp2 development.

To me have sent one more useful development:
DirectVOBSub - the universal module for subtitles output. It perfectly works with VID4WA and supports the following types of subtitles: idx, srt, sub, psb, smi, ssa, ass.

Film with subtitles

That the module was loaded together with VID4WA, select in its settings: "General" > "Loading" > "Always load". The icon of DirectVobSub will be displayed on the system task bar:

The module DirectVobSub you may download here.
The big library of subtitles on the site:

Very interesting and useful German utility "TVTool" for output of video to TV-set! TVTool supports nVidia graphics cards having the TV-output and it may be used with VID4WA. The utility allows to remove black fields on edges, changes sizes and position of a picture, brightness, contrast etc.

Unfortunately the utility is shareware. Download here. The latest version of TVTool (only Demo) you may find on the site of developer.
Also to me have sent the link to the most interesting codec "FFDShow" which easily will replace DivX. Meanwhile it in development, but allows to show great possibilities.
Home page of FFDShow:

VID4WA 2.6 allows to switch Aspect Ratio by hot-keys Ctrl+A.

In RC4WA 2.6.13 the problem with auto-repetition of "Mute" key is corrected. For tuner AVerTV Studio the layout of keys is improved: the window "Playlist" is opened by "Preview " key and function "Mute On/Off " - "Mute" key.

RC4WA 2.6.12 supports two tuners "FlyVideo' 98 with FM" and "KWorld-TV878-FBK". In the program was added 30th function: "Mute" for video-clips. For this purpose the Winamp's video plug-in VID4WA ver.2.4 was updated.
In configuration of some tuners the layout of remote control keys has changed for more convenient use of function "Mute". If users will think up more optimum RC layout for own tuners, send me the file "rc4wa.ini" and then in following version of RC4WA it will be used by default.

Features of RC4WA:
RC4WA completely allows to control Nullsoft Winamp player with help of remote control your TV-tuner: Play, Stop, Pause, Seeking -/+, Volume -/+ (including other programs), choice of a track on its number, operate with Winamp visualization plug-in. There are full-screen windows for choice Playlist file *.m3u or Audio CD drive (including virtual), "Songs list" for choice liked song, "Time Display" displaying the complete information about current track and "Screen digits" for displaying a track number on desktop at its choice.
Besides you may look video clips (AVI, MPEG, MPG, MPV2, MPE, WMV, ASF, DAT, IVF, VOB, DivX) or listen to liked FM radio-stations choosing from the Winamp playlist. It is possible to special plug-ins.
For super-music-fans, listening to music very loudly, there is useful feature: watcher for entering phone calls. If will ring your phone then WinAmp
will paused. If necessary there is an option for submission of sound alarm.
The computer remotely can be rebooted, suspended or completely to power off, switched your monitor to stand-by mode, started screen-saver and closed RC4WA.
The program is simple in settings, convenient in usage and also is absolutely free-of-charge!
Hardware: PCI TV-tuners AVerMedia TVCapture98 and TVPhone95/98 with/without VCR, AVerTV Studio (model 103, 107, 203), Phoebe TV Master + FM, MediaLand SuperTV, WayJet WT-951T/TF w/FM, PixelView Play TV Pro (+FM), FlyVideo'98 with FM, KWorld-TV878-FBK, TView (model CPH06x), Zaapa PCI TV-FM.
Software: Nullsoft Winamp ver.2.x or 5.x; MS DirectX ver.7 or higher.
Supported OS: Win9x/Me/NT4/2000/XP
Size of ZIP file: 831 kB
Appearance of the program very much reminds style of Nullsoft Winamp2 in base skin.
You have wanted to turn off the computer. Then press three nine (999) and a key "Enter". The "Shut down" window will be displayed. Press once again a key "Enter" and your ATX computer will be turned off. Even with the switched off monitor you will not make it casually.

The user: "Cool!"

The "Time Display" mode

"Time Display"

Here exhausting information on a song is displayed. It will be well visible from your liked sofa.

The new "Playlist files" window

"Playlist Files"

The window may supports a maximum of 990 folders, ".m3u" files and Audio CD drives.
About "Songs list" window look here.

VID4WA - plug-in for review of video files from Winamp directly
In a top of the video-window there are four buttons: "VID4WA Menu", "Minimize", "Full screen" and "Close".
Owners of tuners may switch with help RC4WA a movie from window to full-screen mode and back by "Time display" key on remote control.

For convenience you may associate video-files with Winamp: "Preferences" > "File types" > "Associated extensions"

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