Archive: July 2001

The last improvements in the version 2.6.1. In the future if there will be bugs its will be corrected.
I continue development of RC4MPEG...

Users sometimes informed me about unreliable work RC4WA on AverTV Studio and TVPhone98 w/VCR. My friend have lent the AverTV Studio (model 103) for testing the program. I was convinced of it and have corrected the code for these two tuners. Owners of TVCapture98/TVPhone98 w/VCR tuners, check up the program and inform me results.

RC4WA is updated. Small bugs were corrected.

Sometimes in a task bar the button of the "Time Display" window did not disappear. In the version 2.5.4 this problem is corrected. Other small bugs are eliminated also.

I have corrected small problem ("overtime") for MP3 at pressing and holding the Seek+ button. Has added an option "Show clock" for "Songs / Playlist" windows.
The program has turned out well!

Sometimes the task bar disappeared at pressing the button
In the version 2.5.2 this problem is corrected.

I have corrected some bugs detected Ole from Denmark (thank, Ole):
at the unchecked option "Show Audio a CD drives" there was an error message;
the "Play/Songs list" windows were not closed by keys the keyboard;
the amount of tracks in "Songs list" was limited 255 instead of 990.
At the check new option "Close "Songs list" by Enter/Cancel" you may freely to preview songs by Play/Fade&Next without closing window. For closing use Enter/Cancel keys.
The current track always is selected by green color.

While in the program there are bugs. Already I correct them...
In the following version I shall add small feature: in the "Songs list" window the current track will have other color.

It is ready! I present the new version 2.5. The developed "Songs list" window is the big progress. But not only it is made.
All recommends to check the option in WinAmp "Preferences" > "Setup" > "Read titles on" > "Load":

WinAmp Preferences

After your choice of a playlist the player at once will load songs names.
I have added two new 99x services and one modified (998 - now power off your monitor):

Shut down the computer
Stand-by the monitor
Reboot the computer
Start screen-saver
Close RC4WA

Tip For codes 998 and 996: to return to normal mode press once the "Power" key on remote control.
At last I have completed settings of "Time Display" window. Now you may create your different themes.

As you will find similar settings for "Screen digits".
Tip Once again I remind:
1. Unpack archive in your hard disk;
2. Copy the file gen_RC4WA.dll to plug-ins folder of player WinAmp\Plugins\
3. Before first start of RC4WA delete old rc4wa.ini file.
Good upgrade!

The "Songs list" window began to work too!
I would like to insert length of tracks together with their names, however it is possible at the stopped WinAmp.
Some more days I shall check program code.

Perfectly! The new plug-in gen_RC4WA.dll starts to work - it sends to the test external program the complete list of songs names from WinAmp. It means that I within the next few days shall create the new full-screen window for displaying all songs of the current playlist and their choice.

I have added the new feature. At pressing digital keys will big digits are displayed on your desktop within two seconds. If necessary you may disable this feature in "RC4WA Preferences" > "Setup" > "Screen digits".
Step-by-step I create the plug-in for "Songs list"...

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