Archive: June 2001

RC4WA supports the new tuner AVerTV Studio (Model 103).
I publish the last month's program RC4MPEG (
remote control for MPEG4 movies). It is the initial version 0.2 and it contains bugs. In the program you may use some keys: Stop, Play, Pause, Volume -/+, Mute and Full-screen mode.

The RC4MPEG uses "Microsoft Windows Media player" components ver.6.4.xx.xxxx.
I shall engage in development of program after RC4WA.

At the request of users in "Playlist files" I have added choice of item by digits.
For reliable displaying "Playlist files" and "Time Display" windows I have added two features:
a) option "Safe visualization plug-in" in
"RC4WA Preferences" > "Setup". Now you may open the RC4WA fullscreen windows at the started visualization plug-in.
b) option "Not allow to open at closed WinAmp" in "RC4WA Preferences" > "Time Display". It is made in avoidance of probable conflict between TV-program and not unloaded RC4WA.
The computer will be rebooted by pressing keys "997" and "Enter"x2.
During creation of the "Songs list" window the first successes made.

Design of "Playlist files" window has undergone changes.
The chance to create the same window for the list of songs has appeared. The problem in WinAmp not wishing to send the songs list to other external programs. Within the next few days I shall try it to realize.

I have added new feature - choice Audio CD from "Playlist files" window. If you want to see only *.m3u files uncheck the "Show AudioCD drives" option in "RC4WA Preferences" > "Playlist".
For creation of plenty virtual Audio CDs you may download VirtualCD v.3 (there are problems: sometimes on the command of WinAmp playback does not stop) or CDSpace Power+ (unfortunately volume is not regulated). If you know the more best virtual AudioCD programs inform me.

Now for automatic loading-unloading standard RC-program use the option in "RC4WA Preferences" > "AutoUnload".

After closing RC4WA the AverMedia remote control again to be started. The feature should work on any TVCapture98 / TVPhone98 tuners and it is possible on TVPhone95.
The "Next track with fadeout" key also fulfils the "Enter" function. Differently, having pressed digits on remote control you press this key as "Enter" and selected track will be playback with fadeout previous.
Small bugs were found and corrected.
The following idea - creation of the multifunctional menu.
In version beta2 prevents start of two copies of the standard RC-program.

The bug in the "Playlist files" window is corrected - there was no access to files more than 6. The small bugs in the scrolling song name is corrected. Start of WinAmp is improved at the open "Time Display" window. For Win2K users are corrected: a) creation of shortcut in QuickLaunch bar; b) shut down the computer.
The new opportunity is made at the request of users. The state "Stand by" is enabled with by pressing "998" and "Enter" keys.

The "Playlist files" window is completely ready. Do not forget to specify a path to playlist files: "RC4WA Preferences" > "Playlist"
For the "Time Display" window you may choose your background picture (BackGround\*.bmp): "RC4WA Preferences" > "Time Display" > "Background".

The small bug "Range check error" in alfa3 version is corrected. The work on "Preferences" and "Time Display" windows proceeds.

The alfa-version RC4WA 2.4.10 available!
So, what is new? The "Setup" window is completely altered. First of all, the problem "Error! Hardware resources are not found" of automatic initialization of tuner TVPhone95 is eliminated. Now owners of such tuners will set their parameters manually (look "Memory range"). For deactivation of a ScreenSaver at the worked WinAmp you may select "Disable ScreenSaver". For start of visualization plug-in use the key "Video" for tuners TVPhone98 and the key "Full Screen" for tuners TVPhone95. The log is advanced and it may be called from "Preferences" window.
The window "Time Display" experiences the basic change. In the previous version on computers of users the scrolling string with the song name moved blinking. Now the popular game interface DirectX is used. You will change independently the background and text color. However while there is a disadvantage: characters of the text without anti-aliacing.
The "Time Display" and in part "Preferences" windows yet are not completed.
 Warning! Before start of the RC4WA delete the old file rc4wa.ini. The program borrows more and more memory and consequently it is not recommended to select the option "Run at System Startup". Wait the new mini-program: "RC4WA agent".

The log is added. For its display you start the program with /log parameter. Some small bugs are corrected.
At present time I reconstruct "Setup" window. There I superfluous remove and I add new things.

Today I complete RC4WA with the WinAmp plug-in for reception of the status of Shuffle and Repeat buttons.
You copy the file gen_RC4WA.dll to WinAmp plug-in subdirectory: winamp\plugins\. The WinAmp should be restarted. Be convinced of safe connection of the module to the WinAmp: "Winamp Preferences">"Plug-ins">"General Purpose". The plug-in has no settings. If RC4WA and WinAmp programs are started you press the "Time Display" key. Now you press Shuffle and Repeat keys on your remote control and watch the bottom of the screen.
Well as, there are changes?
You here have noticed the status of WinAmp equalizer. The EQ key on remote control toggled the EQ mode instead of the EQ window.
Later I shall make the same for the PlayList key.
 Warning! The plug-in will not work if you do not specify a path to WinAmp in the "Setup" window. The version of the WinAmp should be 2.72 or higher.

Now the name of song is scrolled on the "Time Display". Moreover, I have made working the WinAmp plug-in for reception of the status of Shuffle and Repeat buttons. Soon I shall include it in RC4WA.

Today summer!
I began upgrade of the window "Time Display". Here there may be problems at obtaining song name and the status of Shuffle and Repeat buttons. For this purpose it is necessary to create special WinAmp plug-in for data transfer to RC4WA.

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