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Today I have added in the RC4WA the program mechanism for devices FlyVideo98 and PixelView. Owners of these tuners, please, download for its testing.

Perfectly! The RC4WA correctly works on a TVPhone98 w/VCR tuners. Users of TV-tuners TVPhone95 have informed me about the software failure "Error! Hardware resources are not found". This bug is corrected in version 2.4.3. Testing proceeds...

Now owners of TV - tuners TVPhone98 w/VCR and TVPhone95 may download updated version 2.4.2 of program RC4WA for its testing. The window "TV-tuner Config" allows to choose one of three devices: TV-Phone98, TV-Phone98 w/VCR and TVPhone95.
The changed codes of buttons and registers values of the chip are kept in a INI-file. Small bugs were corrected and some improvements were added. Please, check up and inform me about serviceability of the program on your TV - tuner.
 Warning! Deselect the option "Run at System Startup" in the previous version. Before use of version 2.4.2 remove an old file rc4wa.ini

05/14/2001 *** The new RC4WA project has opened! ***
At last I have found time for development of the following version of the RC4WA! I need to write the most difficult part of the program for other TV - tuners (TVPhone98 w/VCR, TVPhone95, FlyVideo98, PixelView) as I do not have opportunity personally to test on them. Very much I hope for your help. In a gift you will have the new program for remote control of MPEG4 movies. It hardly later...

So! What we have today? After loss of source code of the program of version 2.0 (beta) I have written all over again. Usually, other RC-programs, which may operate any applications and even a coffee maker, are shareware and inconvenient in use. Strategy of new RC4WA consists in simplicity and efficiency. The program allows completely to control WinAmp - Play, Stop, Pause, Next&Prev track, Volume, Choose track on its number, Seeking...

Today I have added in RC4WA new useful mode which was offered by one of users. It refers to as "Time Display". It occurs by pressing button "FullScreen". I shall try on the screen of the monitor to add the song name (title).
While the program works only with TV-tuner TVPhone98/TVCapture98 without VCR. In the future I shall complete a window "TV-tuner Config". There you may choose your TV - tuner and enjoy work RC4WA!
Ok, friends, for today all. Come sometime on my site behind new things. If there are ideas write to me.

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